Pharmacy Integration

Pharmacy Integration


Pharmacy Integration


Launching  of a mobile tool for pharmacies to communicate with their patients about the accessibility of medicines, drug reservations and receipt of medicines in pharmacy network. In selected cases, the platform should enable delivery of medicines to  patient’s home with the help of a specialist courier company integrated with the entire system. The system should give the patient access to the latest drug information and their interaction with other drugs and dosage. The tool should, using a mobile application, remind a patient to take medicine in a recommended proper time.


We created a platform consisting of a mobile application for patients, a web application for Pharmacies that were integrated with external systems such as Kamsoft, Eurosoft, Pharmindex, LekSeek and with specialized logistics companies. Advanced encryption and data anonymization methods were implemented on the platform to meet the strict requirements of GIODO / GDPR and pharmaceutical law. The platform was equipped with a reporting system enabling pharmacies to analyze orders and patient involvement.


Patients without leaving home obtained direct contact with a pharmacy and in special cases an option of ordering medicines for delivery at home.

The mobile application allows:

  • Quick contact with a pharmacist for consultation
  • Remote drug reservation
  • Access to the medicines database
  • Obtaining information on opening hours of our pharmacy
  • Schedule reminders for medicine dosing, glucose, cholesterol or blood pressure measurements

Animated website

You will find everything you need in the tabs of the mobile application.

Look at infographics below – Pharmacy integration

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